Volumetric Lighting

Been trying out Redshift Render Engine for rendering of Volumetric lighting. Early days, but initial tests are looking good. The real test will be to see how Redshift handles large scenes. Octanes lack of good support for large scenes is what moved me towards Corona in the first place. More testing to be done. All images below are straight out of the render engine with no photoshop.


More testing and learning with Marvelous Designer - a great fabric simulation program. Playing with the wind effects to try and get a wind tunnel kind of feeling with silk.

Spring 2019

It’s been a super busy start of the year over here. I’ve been buried in client work and not had much chance to do R&D work or my own projects. I’m also horribly behind on posting to the blog - so here are various works from December 2018 through end of January 2019 in no particular order.

Furniture from Dimensiva.com

AC Shelby Cobra from Turbosquid

Porsche 365c Model from CGTrader.com

Testing Marvelous Designer Cloth simulation. Jetvette model provided by Ollitei

Testing some ribbed glass

Fun with Booleans

Female Bust from CGTrader.com

Posing practice. Beefy Character provided by Ace 5 Studios.

Manny and Ninja models from CGTRader.com. All posed by me.


Always fun.

Jetvette model provided by Ollitei (Olli Teittinen) via Sketchfab. I retuxtured it.

Aston Martin One-77 provided by Turbosquid.

Sub surface scattering

I saw an image on Greyscale Gorilla’s Redshift training that I like and tried to get the same vibe in Corona. I like it - I like theirs better, but I still like this one. Experimenting more with camera lensing and angles.

Dutch Angle for the win.

Working on a few things here, but the focus was on camera work. Trying to be a bit more dynamic with camera angles and I will say: a little goes a long way. Also more hard modeling work in Vectorworks and some kit bashing with Cinema 4D.


Working with Glass and liquid shaders. Always a balancing act with lighting.

Toad model from Sketchfab

Interior Lighting

Trying to get better at moody scenes that don’t feel too dark…the struggle is real.


It’s been a very busy fall and I’ve been focusing on client work mostly. Here are some random experiments - mostly R&D for other projects.

Working on dusk and sunset looks. HDRIs from Shawn Astrom.

Working on scale and exterior sky lighting. Kit bash parts from Andrew Averkin.

Modeled in Vectorworks. “Rigging” and texture practice.

3 hour free form modeling session in Cinema 4D.

Still Alive!

Haven't posted in a while.  Been both super busy with client work, and far away from a computer enjoying the summer.  Here's some random stuff of late.

Gundam model by Kanatee via Sketchfab.

Making Bugs.

Working on Sub-D modeling in Cinema4d.  Trying to get better at organic shapes.  So much to learn.  Fun to create whole species of Beetles though....

More work on Hard Surface modeling

The moving lights series has gotten me interested in more hard surface modeling.  Had a bit of time today and put together my own lightsaber.  Modeled in Vectorworks and rendered with Corona and Cinema 4D. Nerd alert.


Found a good Tumbler model on Turbosquid and thought I would kick it around a bit.

Had to modify it a bit........