Playing with Photoshop and learning.....never ends...

This is me, if you don't know.  Cell phone headshot, mapped onto a military portrait and then let loose with the photoshop and overlay.  Then, of course - it needs context....


Superbowl XLVIII

We were thrilled this year to support Bruce Rodgers and Tribe, Inc. with renderings for the Halftime show featuring Bruno Mars.  Thanks for the opportunity to help put together such a huge show.  Here's a few outtakes and early drafts.



Working on rendering Neon.  Not quite there yet, but making progress.



Remember to draw...

All the work on here still starts out as a hand sketched idea before going into 3D - especially details and connections, so I know what the goal is.  I traditionally used pen and paper for this, but the last year or so I've done it all on my iPad - using the Paper app and a Wacom stylus.  It took a while to get comforatable, but now I don't even think about it.  My scanner is collecting serious dust.


Corb at Sea

Playing with HOT4D: the Houdini Ocean Tookit which has been ported over to Cinema 4d.  Amazing way to create water really quickly and animate it.  Still learning and working on getting some foam and spray.  Not sure this will help for rendering retail environments, but good to know and see how these things work underneath the hood.