Biotop from Polygonia

Found these amazing images from Chaotic Atmospheres.  Created in Cinema 4D too.


Super Bowl XLIX

Thrilled to once again work with Tribe, Inc. on the Katy Perry Superbowl Halftime show this year.  What a huge show and so nerve wracking to have months of work come down to 8 minutes of setup.  Selected Renderings are up in the gallery.  Huge thanks to Bruce Rodgers, RK Productions, and the guys at All Access and VER to just name a few.

 In addition to the Half Time Show, we designed the Team Introductions, America the Beautiful, The National Anthem, The Pregame Tail Gating Stage (Dierks Bentley), and a stage For Rihanna and Kanye West with DirecTV for the Saturday night before Super Sunday.



Monster Tour 2014

Spent the Summer working with our pals over at Tribe, inc. on the Eminem and Rihanna Summer Monster Tour.  Renders are up in the main gallery, but here is an early design exploration for Em's Entrance moment.  Ultimately, the whole design shifted direction, but I always liked this sketch.


Playing with Photoshop and learning.....never ends...

This is me, if you don't know.  Cell phone headshot, mapped onto a military portrait and then let loose with the photoshop and overlay.  Then, of course - it needs context....


Superbowl XLVIII

We were thrilled this year to support Bruce Rodgers and Tribe, Inc. with renderings for the Halftime show featuring Bruno Mars.  Thanks for the opportunity to help put together such a huge show.  Here's a few outtakes and early drafts.