Chris Stapleton 2017 Tour

Excited to be part of the concept development for Chris Stapleton's current 2017 tour.  Chris' team and Bruce Rodgers dreamed up this cool Sonic temple that some said couldn't be toured.  Glad they stuck to their guns and brought this thing to life.

Octane Rendering

I've been playing around with GPU rendering.  Still a lot to learn and not ready to put it into my daily workflow yet, but thought I would experiment a bit to get some practice in and just log some hours with the render engine.  I've upgraded my MacPro5,1 tower with a GTX Titan X card, and SSD hard drive and I've pushed a ton of data and old projects off the SATA hard drive and onto and external NAS RAID that is being backed up offsite as well.  Yes, I am a dork.  Here's todays Octane doodle.

DNC 2016 has it been over a year since I added anything to this blog...  Shame on me.

We just wrapped the 2016 Democratic National Convention!  What an amazing project to be part of - working once again with Bruce Rodgers of Tribe, Inc. as his Associate Production Designer.  Really thrilled to be part of this historic event, proud of the work, and totally with Her!

Photo From LA Times

Photo From LA Times

Photo From LA Times

Photo From LA Times

Photo From LA Times

Photo From LA Times

Pan Am Games 2015 Opening Ceremony

We worked on this design Bruce Rodgers of Tribe and Cirque du Soleil starting in September of 2014 and while it changed a lot, the original heart of it never lost momentum.  Renders are up in the gallery.  Congrats to everyone who worked on this huge show.

Forgot about this one.....

Here's some renders from The Concert For Valor that we did last year for HBO.  Bruce Rodgers of Tribe, Inc. was the Production Designer for this live broadcast concert on the National Mall in DC.  Here is the Metallica setup.  Click on the images for a larger view.

Super Bowl XLIX

Thrilled to once again work with Tribe, Inc. on the Katy Perry Superbowl Halftime show this year.  What a huge show and so nerve wracking to have months of work come down to 8 minutes of setup.  Selected Renderings are up in the gallery.  Huge thanks to Bruce Rodgers, RK Productions, and the guys at All Access and VER to just name a few.

 In addition to the Half Time Show, we designed the Team Introductions, America the Beautiful, The National Anthem, The Pregame Tail Gating Stage (Dierks Bentley), and a stage For Rihanna and Kanye West with DirecTV for the Saturday night before Super Sunday.


Monster Tour 2014

Spent the Summer working with our pals over at Tribe, inc. on the Eminem and Rihanna Summer Monster Tour.  Renders are up in the main gallery, but here is an early design exploration for Em's Entrance moment.  Ultimately, the whole design shifted direction, but I always liked this sketch.

Superbowl XLVIII

We were thrilled this year to support Bruce Rodgers and Tribe, Inc. with renderings for the Halftime show featuring Bruno Mars.  Thanks for the opportunity to help put together such a huge show.  Here's a few outtakes and early drafts.

Remember to draw...

All the work on here still starts out as a hand sketched idea before going into 3D - especially details and connections, so I know what the goal is.  I traditionally used pen and paper for this, but the last year or so I've done it all on my iPad - using the Paper app and a Wacom stylus.  It took a while to get comforatable, but now I don't even think about it.  My scanner is collecting serious dust.

Render Render Render

New Rendering work posted on the site.  I've been focusing on lighting and texturing/materials lately.  So much to learn!  Summer is coming.  Here's my favorite from the batch : this is why my friend Chris calls me the Prince of Darkness.....

Spring Cleaning

Added some new content to the rendering section and updated the coverpage image today.  It's been a very busy spring this year and look forward to sharing more work soon.

Yes yes, I know...

I've ranted about websites that don't update their blogs many times, and here I am, 7 months in the hole myself.  I've aded some new work and and looking to do a larger update soon.  2012 has been a busy year, lots of NDA projects, so not a lot to share, but excited about the upcoming fall projects and hope to share more soon.