Animation Test 003

Playing with After Effects for the first time for post production work.  I've done color correction, lighting enhancements, and offset versions for motion blur and glow.  You can see these overlays fade out at the very end.  From the 3D, the letters unfold, rotate and rise through the floor while the camera pans right in a slight arc.  The camera track is a bit off and makes the whole thing look like it's landed on a turntable.  I have to spend a bit more time finessing the camera moves before rendering the 3D.

Here is a still from the raw render coming out of the 3D package so you can compare the post work before and after:

The next test is going to be something of more substantial length to compare render times with different formats.  All of this is actually headed in a logical direction, through it won't be clear to you for a while yet; there is a plan for all of this.