10.10 Corona Render: Back to basics

I really cut my teeth rendering doing events for Nespresso.  This is where I first really started thinking about lighting for renders beyond just trying to get the objects to show up - but rather, have a POV about the lighting.  It takes years to get good at this and it is still a bit of voodoo in my book.  I built a lot of machine models for the work, but not for closeups and certainly not as nice as this PIXIE model created by Odin2101.  Product shots and their lighting are a never ending thing to learn and study and I'm hoping that I can translate my instincts for how to light this small object into a full environment.  I think you have to treat it the same and stop thinking of architecture and just compose the shot.  Time will tell.

I made (almost) all of my students at NYU model this machine in Vectorworks from reference photos.  It was the first full object for them to explore and to create by just breaking it down into smaller, digestable chunks - so this one goes out to all of you.  Thanks for taking a stab at this one with me.  And for the record - I still hate coffee.