Still working with photo scanned models here.  It's amazing the detail that can be captured by stitching together photos to actually create a 3D model (I'm guessing with a fair amount of clean up by hand, but not really sure what the process is).  Insects make great subjects for this.

Colacus Bicolor scan by Thomas Flynn. Click for larger image.

What I really wanted to learn was more about shaders (materials) in Corona and how to build more complex ones.  So I found a scan of a Rhinoceros Beetle that had no texture and built a whole scene having to build the shaders all from scratch.

Rhinoceros Beetle Photo Scan provided by University of Dundee Museum. Click for larger image.

 I had a clear idea going into this about what I wanted (for once) with an iridescent metallic greenish blue feel and am pleased that I was able to see it all the way through.  I learned a ton on this, though stayed up far too late creating it while my family slept.  These are create in Cinema 4D using the Corona Render engine.