Still alive....

Wow - two months since the last update. 2019 has been a baller year and I’ve been busy with client work this whole year so far. I really can’t complain, but the R&D work and experiments have had to sit on the back burner for a while. I’m also trying to spend less time in front of a machine and more time actually moving my body.

I have been sneaking in some lighting techniques though, to try a new approach to stage renders. Traditionally I have made the render and then added in the lighting - now I’m trying to start with the lighting and then build the rest of the scene and color around that. Basically, right back to paint and natural medium where value is laid in first and then color and detail on top of that. It’s early days still (my current workflow took about 5 years to finalize), so no rush, but it does show potential and GPU rendering has greatly speed up the workflow on this. Here are some volumetric experiments using Redshift for Cinema4D.

Here is the raw Set design - just made it up for testing.