Summer Update and Vectorworks Tutorials

I’ve taken a break from daily renders and have put much of my usual R&D work aside for the summer. I’ve been focused on Client work and taking some downtime to try and rest and rejuvenate. I love my career of making images every day, but like any other art form, one needs to change it up and take a break now and then to avoid too much fatigue. I’ll start posting more work when the Fall kicks in.

In the meanwhile - I’ve started making Vectorworks tutorials. I have done a lot of teaching and training in 3D with Vectorworks over the years - both at New York University and for the United Scenic Artist Union (829). There is a real lack of training materials out there for production designers who want to get started with 3D but don’t know where to begin. So I’m starting a serious of Basic 101 concepts. Some will be long and some will be short. I hope to eventually get into much deeper training and paid tutorial series, but one step at a time. Here are the first three: Extrude. Extrude Along Path, and Sweep. Enjoy.